WUNY Sangha Oct/Nov 2022 Retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery

Maxwell Weidmann

Dear community,
   There has been much interest expressed in arranging for another sangha retreat at BCM in the next month or so. I wanted to get a sense of which weekend best for everyone (please note that its tough to accommodate everyone's schedule's, so my apologies in advance if we decide on a weekend you cannot attend). Everyone will still need to register for the retreat on their own, but once we decide on a weekend I will coordinate with Blue Cliff making sure there is space for the whole group and that we can dorm together (through their is still separation based on a gender binary I'm afraid). 

I have made a survey to get a sense of everyone's preferences, and experience with BCM retreats: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VLT3ZXX

If you'd like to learn more about weekend ("seasonal" or "personal") retreat at BCM, please visit: https://www.bluecliffmonastery.org/about-our-retreats

Looking forward to retreating with many of you!

Maxwell Weidmann

My apologies, for some reason the survey hyperlink was corrupted in my original email, this one should work: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VLT3ZXX

Thanks to those who let me know!