WUNY Community Meeting, Friday, 11/4/22 9:30 to 10pm at SMZ (after sangha)

Maxwell Weidmann

Dear sangha,
   On behalf of the Care-Taking Council (CTC), I'd like to invite you to a community meeting for Wake Up New York after sangha on Nov. 4th (9:30pm).

The meeting will only last about 30 minutes, and will aim to gauge everyone's experience so far regarding the hybrid meeting format, timing of sangha, COVID-19 practices and other feedback on sangha meetings, as well as other suggestions for sangha activities.

As a peer-led and consensus based group, please help us represent you in decisions that affect the whole sangha. We are going to try to have such community meetings every 2-3 months.

With care,
Allison, Anthony, Jairo, James and Max