Wake Up New York Indoor Sangha Meeting on 12/9/22, 7:30-9:30pm at Still Mind Zendo

Alex Ciobanu


Dear Sangha,
This week we will be meeting once again for an in person meeting, at our location at Still Mind Zendo (SMZ, 37 W 17th Street, #6W). The building buzzer is currently working, but we will still aim to have someone watching the door until 7:45, so please arrive by then to assure we can let you into the space.
Jairo and Alex will be facilitating sangha this week as we come together for another in person, sangha gathering. We will not be having a hybrid or separate zoom session for this week but will return to having the zoom option in the upcoming weeks.
Please fill out the form below before sangha in order to receive the password, and so we may keep track of who is attending sangha in case of lost items, announcements and for public health purposes.
The theme for this week is the Three Dharma Seals
Being with both our joys and suffering during these challenging times, our practice can help us transform and take care of ourselves, those around us, and move towards the liberation of all beings.
With metta,