December Calendar and January 6th "Be-In"

Wake Up New York

Dear sangha,
   We have two updates to share with you: 

December Schedule
   Based on the feedback we received from our recent community meeting, we are making a few changes to the calendar this month. We are keeping one hybrid session and experimenting with separate in-person-only and online-only meetings that will occur concurrently, in parallel, at our usual Friday evening time. Also, due to limited facilitator availability, there will not be an online session this coming Friday.  This is the schedule we have for December:

Dec. 9thIn person (SMZ)
Dec. 16thIn person (SMZ)
Online (Zoom) 
Dec. 23rdHybrid (SMZ/Zoom)
Dec. 30thIn person (SMZ)
Online (Zoom)
As a reminder, this is the Zoom link:

Upcoming Be-In 
Also, we are planning our next Be-In, or mindful night of creative-sharing, for January 6th, 2023 at our normal time (7:30-9:30pm) at Still Mind Zendo. We will begin with a short silent meditation (15-20 mins), followed by the creative sharing, as well as our usual tea and casual conversation afterward.  If you are interested in sharing your creative pursuits, like wholesome poetry, music, skits or visual art, please sign up on the following Google spreadsheet: WUNY Be-in Signup
Thank you for being a part of our mindfulness community! Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.

WUNY CTC (Allison, Anthony, Jairo, James and Max)

Maxwell Weidmann

Dear sangha,
   Just an update to the schedule above, for tomorrow, Dec. 16th, there will be an in-person sangha only. We will be having a hybrid zoom/in person session the following week.

This week we will be meeting in person at our location at Still Mind Zendo (SMZ, 37 W 17th Street, #6W). Please arrive by 7:45, to assure we can let you into the space before beginning our meditation.
Carmen, James and Max will be facilitating the in person sangha gathering this week, with a guided sitting meditation, mindful movements, a short silent sit, a reading on "The Keys of Communicating With Others" and Dharma Sharing...followed by some Buddhist Holiday Carols (time permitting).
Please fill out the form below before sangha in order to receive the password, and so we may keep track of who is attending sangha in case of lost items, announcements and for public health purposes.
Being with both our joys and suffering during these challenging times, our practice can help us transform and take care of ourselves, those around us, and move towards the liberation of all beings.
With metta,